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Manhattan Beach CUE Rock Star Teacher Camp- Day 2!

Welcome to my blog for notes on my learning at theManhattan Beach CUE Rock Star Teacher Camp- Day 2!

Make something ARmazing  

John Stevens


Before you do anything else, please download Aurasma from the App Store!

What is Augmented Reality?
-- Trigger Image, must be static, something that doesn't change
-- Overlay, which can be a video
-- Comparison to QR codes

How does it work?
--Click the plus sign, you need to make an overlay first. Make a video e.g. a students explaining setting
---Go to device, the click camera if you're recording a new video or photo album if it's already created
-- Click Use video and name it, Select it
--Then capture your trigger image, remember choose a static image that is not likely to change or move
--create it!, name it, put it into your class channel
-- Lighting
-- Holding steady
-- Having good enough WiFi available

How do we create our own?
-- Create a channel for your class
-- Make it public -Possibly for school-wide things- parent teacher conference, principal message
-- Share it with students
-- Choose/Create an overlay
-- Choose/Create a trigger
-- Add it to a channel
-- Finish

WHY??? (from a Teacher-Centered standpoint)
-- Easter Eggs for student handouts
-- Assisting students from anywhere
-- Assistance for students with an IEP (can explain more clearly for students and they listen on headphones), visual processing disorders, and much more
-- Back to School Intro
-- Parent-Teacher Conference warm-up

WHY??? (from a Student-Centered standpoint)
-- Verbal clarification of mastery
-- Video clarification of mastery
-- multiple opportunities for explanation on one sheet of paper
-- Book reports?
-- Storytelling

My try!
Scan this image using the Aurasma app. Make sure to go to my channel: Mrs. Robles' Classroom!

Hurray for Hollywood!

By Alice Chen

You are going to shoot videos, take pictures, and make movies!  Are you ready?  It's gonna be fun!



My GoAnimate video:
So cool!!

Bring Lesson Plans into the 21st Century  

Kate Petty

A Multimedia Text Set always has:

  • an image
  • a title
  • a workflow
Basically, you create a Google Doc.  Then add a title, picture, and workflow. Add a table.  On the left, add tasks with hyperlinks.  On the right, the student's thinking.  Here is a list of multimedia resources.
How can it be used in the classroom/multi-media text set?

Can link things to images

Storyboarding, discussions
Document creation and collaboration
Powerpoint like presentations and collaboration
Create forms and quizzes

Discovery Education
Saddleport > Discovery Education

Ted talks
Teacher lessons, already curated
All images are free to use
Post ten QR codes that they go scan with a task.  Put up a post it note, ask a question, draw a picture etc
ListenEdition: NPR Lessons
Actual NPR broadcasts, great for High School because of the vocab
BookTrack: Adds a soundtrack to books- willing to take suggestions for additions- FREE
It’s a soundtrack that plays as you read.  If there is a river, you’ll hear water.  Students can create their own story and create their own soundtrack.  Ideas like mood and tone become clear to the students.  Great for nature stories. SAG recordings of popular children’s stories- YouTube based
Stories read by celebrities.
Non Youtube-based Math and ELA videos. Aligned to common core.
Current events in clean formats and can be adapted to different lexiles. Individualized.
Lesson plans for environment and science-based lessons
Data Sets (Math and Science)- It’s actually interesting!  Real world applications.
Create interactive lessons with quiz, narration, and audio enhancements.  Similar to Gooru

Augmented reality app
Great for close reading
Cleans up articles for easier reading
Readability Index Calculator
Paste text and get grade level alignment
For grading
For merging sheets and docs.  Great for making personalized  letters and certificates.
To create your blogs

Here is my first attempt at a Multimedia Text Set!

I hope this is helping you learn a lot too!  Tomorrow is Day 3...the last day! More notes tomorrow!!


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